Slow steps in winter

Foto credits: Marco Santini
With snowshoes on the Asiago plateau

Foto credits: Centro Fondo Gallio
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Before any excursion, always check the snow and avalanche bulletin. Always respect the indications on the signs.

Do you love snow and walks in the midst of nature? Do not miss a spellbinding snowshoe hike along the paths of the Asiago plateau. 

In particular, the Centro Fondo Gallium offers a series of trails, 5 of which are always beaten, which run along the northern terrace of the Plateau and which will have you discover the beauty and charm of this mountain landscape in the province of Vicenza.

Starting from the Campomulo Base Camp Refuge, you can choose the itinerary that best suits you: enchanting landscapes and a nature ready to give you moments of peace and silence await you.

There are five trails, marked by different colours:

  • Moline trail, 7.5 km long, with two variants:

- Taverle variant, 2.8 km

- Campofilone variant, 1.8 km;

  • Monte Longara-Monte Baldo trail, 5 km;
  • Altare Papa Wojtyla trail, 1.8 km;
  • Military Observatory of the Great War trail, 2.3 km;
  • Meimerle trail, 5 km.

Near Campomulo there is the Military Observatory of the Great War, where you can enjoy a panoramic view over the whole plateau, in particular over Ortigara, Monte Chiesa, Campigoletti and Cima Caldiera, places that were the scene of fierce battles during the first world war.