Foto di Giulia Scatto
Mount Cengio

Foto di Giulia Scatto
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Hiking shoes, a torch and mountain clothing are recommended. During the winter months hikers should remember that the ground may be very slippery, above all inside the tunnels.

During the First World War, Asiago Plateau was a front line for the entire 41 months of the war; in the mountains the Italian and Austro-Hungarian armies fought bloody battles, including the sadly famous "Strafexpedition". It was on the plateau of Mount Cengio, the last mountain bulwark that protected the plain of Vicenza, that the Grenadiers Corps of Sardinia fought to the last man to defend the Italian lines. Tunnels, trenches, barracks and military posts bear witness to these heroic events: an open-air museum that has become a collective memory.

 The Mount Cengio hike is of great historical importance and one of the most suggestive tours of the Plateau. The 6 km tour starts from Piazzale Principe di Piemonte in Tresché Conca, at an altitude of 1286 metres, and follows the breathtaking mule track built above Valdastico. This two and a half hour hike is protected along the way by a steel cable handrail, with an elevation gain of about 200 meters.

This area is Sacred to the Homeland and the places of particular interest to visit are the Grenadier, the Comando and Cannoniera Tunnels. The church in Piazzale dei Granatieri is dedicated to the heroic soldiers of the Sardinian Corps. The outdoor statue dedicated to these soldiers is made of shrapnel from exploded grenades.

The Grenadiers Corps of Sardinia suffered losses that, according to the Historical Office of the Ministry of War, “are among the most serious in the annals of military history". In 1923 the Municipality of Cogollo, in memory of these epic feats, proposed and was granted the right to add "del Cengio” to the name "Cogollo", which therefore became Cogollo del Cengio.