SelvArt . foto di Diana Villasenor

Foto di Giulia Scatto
Route details Recommended period Spring, Summer, Autumn Phone
All you need are the right clothes and hiking shoes

In Mezzaselva di Roana there is a Park that attracts visitors and protects the territory where nature and art merge. This is the SelvArt Park, on the Plateau of the Sette Comuni in Vicenza province. The 30 permanent outdoor installations created by internationally famous artists, are in the heart of Kantregar forest and give voice to the forest through materials recovered from the environment. 

The easy 2-hour route of abgout 3 km is open all year round and admittance is free. To know more about Selvart, visitors may be accompanied by the Park guides.

The storm "Vaia" in October 2018 devastated the Venetian forests uprooting millions of trees and its effects were disastrous on Park too, where many of the works of art were seriously damaged. Thanks to the work of many volunteers, a new phase of reconstruction and rebirth has begun, whose symbols have become the winged lion - three meters high made with more than 1500 pieces of wood - and the golden trees

A visit to SelvArt is an experience that both children and adults will enjoy and where they will see many other sculptures like the old blue bear, giant dandelions, the small red tiger and the Minotaur. 

In the neighbouring area, visitors can relax and enjoy a walk along the shores of Roana Lake, with its bathing facilities and services