Teatro Olimpico (Foto Archivio Consorzio Vicenza è)
Palladian Walk

Foto Archivio Consorzio Vicenza è
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It is an easy walk suitable for everyone, starting from the Tourist Information Office in Piazza Matteotti, which is located right next to the entrance to the Olympic Theatre.

In 1994, Vicenza was enlisted as a "World Heritage Sites", thanks to the 23 buildings in the historic centre and the three villas located outside the ancient walls created by the famous architect Andrea Palladio.

The city constitutes the masterpiece of his creative genius and his work, based on an in-depth study of classical Roman architecture, subsequently inspiring the so-called "Palladian style”, which later spread in Europe and the United States.

Many palaces in the historic centre designed by Palladio are privately owned, including Palazzo Chiericati, now home to the Civic Museum, Palazzo Barbarano, which today houses the Palladio Museum, Palazzo Thiene and still Palazzo Porto Breganze (never completed), Palazzo Iseppo da Porto, Palazzo Thiene Bonin Longare and Palazzo Pojana.

Palladio’s public architecture works can be found in Piazza dei Signori with the Basilica Palladiana, as well as the Loggia del Capitaniato on the other side of the square the and not far away, inside the Salvi Gardens, the Loggia Valmarana can be admired.

Not just Palladio. Don't miss the visit to the Gallerie d 'Italia –Palazzo Leoni Montanari, a 17th century residence with an exuberant Baroque interior decoration, which houses important collections.