Valle dei Mulini (Valley of Mills)

Foto Consorzio Colli Berici
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The Prisons: this is a kind of fortified structure located inside Villa Giulia, built using natural cavities modified to create rooms, stairs, doors and windows, including a unique loggia with five columns.

The "San Bernardino" trail is an easy 10-kilometre loop that starts from the village of Mossano, in the province of Vicenza. Centuries ago, this town was very rich in waterways and the inhabitants exploited this characteristic by developing the industry of milling, building 12 mills that remained in activity until after the Second World War. The most famous, and photographed, example is the Mulino Mucchietto with its large wooden wheel that still works today.

The itinerary starts from the church of Mossano: keeping on the right, continue for a hundred metres until you see the directions for path 81, which climbs up towards the green woods of the Vicenza hills (not accessible with strollers). Among the points of interest are the so-called "covoli", a series of natural caves with prisons, wash-houses, stone cisterns and the Grotto of San Bernardino.

The best seasons to enjoy this path are spring (when nature is in full bloom) and autumn.


Technical data

Duration: approx. 4 hours
Level of difficulty: excursionist
Length: 10 km, loop route
Elevation gain: approx. 400 metres
Marker:  n. 81

Grotto of San Bernardino: important prehistoric site that became a place of worship and hermitage in the Middle Ages, named after St. Bernardine of Siena. Its design will amaze you: a type of small church topped with a limestone tower reminiscent of Gothic architecture.