Venetian Villas

An immense artistic heritage

The unique Venetian Villas are an integral element of architecture, culture and landscape in Veneto. They were built by the nobility and rich families of Veneto in the long peaceful centuries on the mainland of the Republic of Venice. They represented widespread centres of agricultural, artisan, cultural and civil economic development, on a territory where safety was guaranteed and where there were excellent roads linking the land and river. This rich heritage amounted to 3477 units.

In this section you can find the ancient dwellings whose owners have joined a specific "Service Charter" which offers a further guarantee of quality and hospitality to tourists.

The Venetian Villas organised under this charter are accessible to guests to spend a holiday or just for a simple visit to the sites designed by Palladio, frescoed by Veronese or Tiepolo, and once inhabited by the Venetian Lords and Ladies of the Most Serene Republic of Venice.

Present throughout the Region, the Venetian Villas are however more concentrated in some areas: along the Riviera del Brenta, between Venice and Treviso along the Terraglio and nestled amongst the hills of Vicenza, Padua, Treviso and Verona.