Belzoni’s Egypt Discover Egypt through the travels and eyes of Belzoni
Event details Exhibitions From 25 October 2019 To 28 June 2020
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The city ofPadua, on the occasion of 200 years since the great archaeologist’s last visit to the city, pays homage with a major exhibition on its most famous citizen: explorer, engineer, pioneer of modern archaeology, father of Egyptology worldwide, the Paduan Giovanni Battista Belzoniwas most important and least remembered explorer of the XIX century, the protagonist of an extraordinary and adventurous life that is little known in Italy.

The exhibition retraces Belzoni’s three trips to Egypt, which plays out through immersive digital technologies, multisensory effects and huge real-scale reproductions of historical environments, reconstructed with the utmost precision and that make the exhibition an exciting place for adults and children alike.

There will be objects salvaged personally by Belzoni or Drovetti, Salt and Ricci, just some of the figures that have accompanied him on various exploration missions, together with the prestigious pieces of antiquities from Italian and foreign museums including the British and the Louvre, some on show for the first time.

Visitors can also be accompanied by some thoughts and images taken from the Belzonian "Narrative": illustrated tables, original and hand-drawn by the Paduan explorer and perfectly preserved, which tell of a life worthy of an adventure film, so much that they inspired George Lucas for the character of Indiana Jones in the film Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981).

Source: Iat Padova