Te siento...tango
Event details Dance and theatre From 16 November 2019 To 17 November 2019 (solo Saturday, Sunday)
Verona Website Ask for info (0039)045 8006100
A tango opera with the world's greatest interpreter of Argentinean dance, Miguel Ángel Zotto, to sign the direction and choreography.
"Te Siento...tango" is pure passion.
No dancing, no dancing is as passionate as tango. On stage rhythm and sensuality in an elegant game of provocations and looks.
Steps that follow, seduce and tell Buenos Aries and the story of the most sensual dance in the world, literally enchanting the audience.
On stage the living legend of tango, Miguel Angel Zotto with "Te Siento...tango", a new show that tells its unique story of life that is intertwined with the extraordinary tango and its most beloved protagonists, but also with many funny anecdotes related to one of the most elegant and overwhelming dances.
All this is curated by Miguel Ángel Zotto, star of the festival, who stages a breathtaking show with a parterre of excellent artists: the dancers of his company TangoX2.
A theatrical and musical work in the round that will involve the viewer until the last second. Together with the icon Zotto, the extraordinary Daiana Guspero and six other amazing puddles that will perform on the live notes of Tango Sonos together with the voice of an Argentine singer.
"Te Siento...tango": when the art of the most erotic dance joins the experience of the life of one of the protagonists, a passionate, authentic, true show is born.

Source: IAT Verona