Festival della Ceramica the ceramic culture understood as "keramos”
Event details Exhibitions - Festivals and folklore From 28 September 2019 To 29 September 2019 (solo Saturday, Sunday)
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The Festival represents a great opportunity for more than fifty international ceramic masters to exhibit their works in the heart of the Scala city between Piazza Pozza and Piazza Corrubbio in San Zeno.
It wants to become a moment of valorization of the city, as well as an important tourist and commercial vehicle for fans of the world of ceramics.
Ceramic artefacts will be on display for sale, modelled and made with different working techniques selected according to criteria of aesthetics, professionalism and originality, exclusively produced by the participating ceramists, intended for furnishing, the table and the person.
The event will also feature demonstrations of clay turning and manipulation, with free workshops.

Source: IAT Verona