Sweeney Todd
Event details Music and concerts - Dance and theatre From 7 December 2019 To 8 December 2019
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Barber Benjamin Barker is arrested, sentenced and forced to a life of hard work in Australia by Judge Turpin, who yearns for his beautiful and virtuous wife, Lucy.
Returning to London after 15 years, escaping from the penal colony, Barker adopted the name of Sweeney Todd, returning to live in his old apartment on Fleet Street, above Miss Lovett's shop, amoral and dissolute owner of a meat pies shop.
Following the discovery of the true identity of the man, the woman, who fell in love with him, tells him lying, that after his arrest Turpin abused his wife Lucy who, because of the humiliation suffered, decided to poison himself. The judge then decided to adopt Lucy and Todd's daughter, Johanna, as her guardian.
When he learns this news, Todd is blinded by hatred and decides to reopen his shop yearning for revenge. On his way the characters collateral to the story: the put Beadle (Turpin's faithful helper), the beggar woman (who is none other than Lucy gone crazy, but still alive), Adolfo Pirelli (Todd's rival working barber), Jonas Fogg (director of the city asylum), Tobias Ragg (Miss Lovett's shop assistant who will end up in the asylum after killing Todd), Anthony Hope, young man who helps Todd in his escape from prison and falls in love with Johanna.

Source: IAT Verona