Emilio Vedova by Georg Baselitz Coincidences, identities and differences between the two artists linked by a deep friendship
Event details Exhibitions From 18 April 2019 To 3 November 2019
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The Vedova Foundation presents to the public an exhibition that ideally brings together two great friends, Vedova and Baselitz, who met in Berlin in the sixties where Vedova lived for about two years and where he made in his large studio the work Absurdes Berliner Tagebuch '64.

On the centenary of Vedova's birth, the Fondazione Emilio e Annabianca Vedova is pleased that the German Master himself is curating this exhibition, selecting some of the works he considers particularly representative. The exhibition conceived by Baselitz presents two series of large works on canvas by Emilio Vedova (teleri), all strictly in black and white, belonging to as many significant moments of his long and complex artistic journey, the '50s / '60s and '80s.

In the exhibition space of the Magazzino del Sale, the works are then installed, according to the Baselitz project, on two long front walls. On the right side are six large square works from the eighties that saw the Venetian master as the protagonist with explosive painting and great visual impact, on the left a series of historical works of the late fifties and early sixties: from the Clash of situations '59-II-1 made at Palazzo Grassi in 1959 on the occasion of the exhibition "Vitalita` nell’arte" to some works belonging to cycles of those years: Image of time (1958), for Spain (1961-1962).

Source: Redazione www.veneto.eu