Expanded The works of artists Carsten Höller, Julião Sarmento and Marina Abramovic.
Event details Exhibitions From 10 May 2019 To 24 November 2019
Venezia Website Ask for info (0039) 041 2710229

A research project based on art and created in the contest of the First Stone Programme, promoted by Assimagra and curated by experimentadesign.

Thanks to its partnership with the Giorgio Cini Foundation, Expanded presents original works by artists Höller, Sarmento and Abramovic, all designed to be exhibited in public spaces. The works explore, in one way or another, our perception of space, scale, time and location, as well as the possibility of expanding our self-imposed or culture-based boundaries.

Made of stone, they share a unifying element of a deep, timeless and resilient character, contradicting the chaos and superficiality of the contemporary world. Located in the Giorgio Cini Foundation park, immersed in nature and exhibited nearby, these works will offer moments of experimentation and comparison with the public, underlining the value of art and culture in an alternative location.

First Stone (Primeira Pedra) is an international experimental research programme that explores the potential of Portuguese stone. It focuses on the unique physical and visual characteristics of the different types of stone that can be found in the Portuguese landscape.

It intertwines production and design through the development of innovative applications for this exceptional material, emphasising its quality as well as the vast industry associated with its extraction and transformation.

Source: Redazione veneto.eu