Fishing in the lagoon The historical collection of Ninni-Marella models
Event details Exhibitions From 15 June 2019 To 31 May 2020
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The exhibition includes an exceptional collection of nineteenth-century models of boats and fishing equipment, made by the craftsman Angelo Marella of Chioggia on commission of Count Alessandro Pericle Ninni, a Venetian naturalist and scholar of folklore, linguistics and ethnography.

The commission was given to the Count, and therefore to the craftsman, by the Minister of Agriculture of the Kingdom of Italy, who wanted to testify to the famous fishing activity of the lagoon in the international exhibitions of fishing and industry at the end of the 19th century. The collection, which is part of the Natural History Museum's heritage and is on display here for the first time since its restoration, thus becomes the story of the various moments in the fishing activities of the inhabitants of the Venice lagoon in historical times, illustrating the techniques, equipment, boats and traditions linked to this very important sector of the Venetian economy.

From fishing in the valley to the lagoon fishing of different species of fish, to the refined techniques of fishing in the sea for which Venetian fishermen (and those from Chioggia) were famous throughout the Adriatic, the exhibition is a valuable opportunity to rediscover an important component of the lagoon culture and our historical heritage and testifies to the close relationship between man and water so uniquely developed in our amphibian culture.

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