Cittadella's Fair
Event details Festivals and folklore - Fairs and markets - Family and children - Guided tours and excursions From 26 October 2019 To 28 October 2019
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The “Fiera Franca di Cittadella” is one of the most important yearly events in Cittadella.
There are stalls selling local fresh products, local handicraft and lots of stands selling food and wine all around the old town. In the marquee every evening a different menu with traditional venetian dishes can be enjoyed.
Next to the sports facilities there is a funfair for children and not only.
Close to the Austro-Hungarian cemetery a livestock market is held on monday.
Saturday night the parapet walk opens By Night until 11 p.m. for a unique and memorable experience. Always open during the day.
To top off the event on the last evening a light show is put up on the ramparts accompanied by music and fireworks. Its magic attracts not only visitors and tourists, but also the citizens don't want to miss out on the “setting on fire” of the walls.


- Saturday 25th October :
Opening ceremony at 6 p.m. in the marquee in Villa Rina, Riva del Grappa
Parapet Walk open by night from 9 p.m. (last admittance at 11 p.m.) Porta Bassano
- Sunday 26 October:
10 a.m. Opening of the marquee with wine and food
- Monday 27 October:
Antique livestock market next to the Austro-Hungarian cemetery starting at 6 a.m.
Fireworks and “setting on fire of the wall” next to the eastern gate, Porta Treviso, at 9.30 p.m.