La Pedalonga
Event details Sport On 27 July 2019
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Fourth stage: Padola - Cormons (204.5 km) Adriatica Ionica Race, the stage race organized by Moreno Argentin that last year saw the triumph of the young Colombian climber Ivan Sosa: the race was moved from June to July (from 24 to 28 to be precise) and this year the route will wind again between Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia with departure from Mestre and final arrival in Trieste.
Created in 2018, it is part of the UCI Europe Tour calendar as a class 2.1 event. The Ionian Adriatic Race is a professional stage cycling race, a bridge between East and West, between past and future, between environment and man. It wants to rediscover and promote the territories starting from the north-east passing through the countries bathed by the Adriatic sea and the Ionian sea, exploring them in a competitive and tourist way.
A cocktail of emotions in which each ingredient is perfectly mixed. It traces an ancient route, reopening cultural boundaries, opening up horizons, imagining the Adriatic and the Ionian as great bridges between civilizations to travel by bicycle.
This year the Val Comelico is proud to host the start of the fourth stage of this international event.
Adriatica Ionica Race a bridge that unites!

Source: Iat Comelico Superiore