La Pedalonga
Event details Sport - Great events From 30 June 2019 To 4 July 2019
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Five days of competitions with international athletes in the Dolomites, Unesco World Heritage, Val Comelico and Auronzo. What is orienteering? Orientation (or orienteering from orient, orienting in English) is a sporting discipline, born at the beginning of the 20th century in the Scandinavian countries. It is characterized by a time trial where participants use a detailed map to reach the control points by choosing the best route. This sport can be practiced both in the woods and in the city, both at an amateur level (as if it were a trip out of town), and at a competitive level. The most practiced discipline is the race (C-O). A classic route consists of a departure, a series of checkpoints to visit in the order indicated and an arrival. On the ground each checkpoint is marked with a white and orange flag, in the jargon called lantern. To record his passage the athlete must stamp the witness card or insert the electronic chip in the appropriate station. The participant who finds all the control points in the exact order and has spent the least time wins. It is a sport that takes place in a natural environment and combines physical and intellectual abilities. It can be experienced as a competitive sport or simply as an amateur excursionist, alone or in company, for the sole purpose of being outdoors and immersed in nature.
Source: Iat Comelico Superiore