Livio Seguso A tribute to the master of contemporary glass
Event details Exhibitions From 15 October 2019 To 12 April 2020
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An internationally acclaimed artist, Seguso has been a pioneer in using glass as an expressive medium for art since the 1970s, and he is still working today, always coming up with new proposals.

Born in 1930 in Murano, where he still lives and works, Seguso's relationship with glass began at a very young age, when he became fascinated by the inexhaustible charm of this wonderful material. In 1972, he took part in the 36th Venice Biennale, but his artistic maturity really reached its peak towards the end of the decade, when he left behind Murano's traditional heritage to make room only for pure crystal, which is iridescent and ambiguous in its transparency.

His works represent forms of absolute purity, becoming "images of light" that seem to adapt to your thoughts, to then disappear in a series of dreamlike shapes.

His research then went beyond this material and extended to others, such as steel, stone, marble and granite and, finally, wood.

Many exhibitions have been held in Italy and around the world, leading up to the great exhibition in 2014 at the Ukai Museum in Hakone, Tokyo, where he presented previously unseen sculptures, paintings and drawings.
In 2015, Livio Seguso received the "Glass in Venice" award for his career, presented by the Venice Civic Museum Foundation and the Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere e Arti.

Source: IAT Venezia