Musica e immagini
Event details Exhibitions From 25 May 2019 To 26 May 2019 (solo Saturday, Sunday)
Verona Ask for info (0039) 045 8538071
The Capitolare Library, in collaboration with Fondazione Discanto and under the patronage of the Municipality of Verona, is organising a temporary exhibition on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th May in which some of the splendid musical liturgical manuscripts kept in the library will be exposed to the public.
Singing was an inherent element in the exercise of Christian worship from its earliest days; over the centuries, after having been transmitted from voice to voice for a long time, it gradually became part of the liturgical texts. In particular, it was ordained and codified by Pope Gregory the Great, until Gregorian chant became the richest and oldest musical heritage of Christian civilization. In the exhibition, visitors can immerse themselves in the parchments of some of the library's codices that combine musical notation with refined images: depictions that tell ancient stories and project into imaginary and real worlds. The miniatures, real protagonists born from the hands of skilled painters, will invite the viewer to learn more about some episodes of the Bible, to meet fourteenth-century characters, animals and complex geometries. The route will begin with a small manual of liturgical chant in which the figure of Saint Gregory the Great triumphs, will wind through seven of the eighteen magnificent chorales commissioned by the canons of the chapter in the second half of the fourteenth century, and will then end with a large volume of masses of the sixteenth century.

Source: IAT Verona