Painting with Light An exhibition that explains what Burano represents for its painters
Event details Exhibitions From 6 April 2019 To 8 January 2020
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Pittura di luce is an exhibition that uses the artwork from the collection in the Ca' Pesaro Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art to draw attention to a production that, after the Second World War, brought Burano and its prize for painting to the centre of an important and lively debate on modern art.

It all began during the first decade of the last century, when the island itself became a place infinitely connected with the avant-garde movement of Ca' Pesaro. It was the time of Gino Rossi, Arturo Martini, Ugo Valeri, Luigi Scopinich, Umberto Moggioli, Felice Casorati and then, in the following years, of Pio Semeghini. What Burano represented for these artists is what we want to explain in the exhibition Pittura di luce. Burano and its painters.

An island that like never before took on the characteristics of an idyllic place where the extreme desire to portray nature live "en plein air" came to life, giving voice to the decadent spirit of its poetic thought.

For this transposition of dreamy accents, Burano was imprisoned in this vision of a spiritual refuge, a paradise caught in its ethereal nature immersed in a "bubble of light" aimed at reaffirming its unconscious beauty. A labile, deep and intimately reflective vision.

Source: Redazione