Magic Nights in Campo
Event details Music and concerts - Festivals and folklore - Great events From 9 August 2019 To 10 August 2019 (solo Friday, Saturday)
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"Magic nights at Campo". The stars and the music meet in Campo di Brenzone sul Garda
The "Magical Nights at Campo" event consists of two concert nights that are being held for 18 years in Campo, a small, almost uninhabited hamlet, hidden among olive trees, accessible only by foot after half an hour walk from Brenzone.
A small village with its little church, fountain, houses, which becomes a natural amphitheater between the peaks of Baldo and the blue of the lake.
It all started in 1992 with a simple night excursion to Campo on August 10, at the evening of San Lorenzo; But the following year you are thinking of a concert up there, not with any instrument ... with a grand piano. Imagine the transport of this demanding tool on a tractor, for impervious mule tracks. A real crazy thing!
But there have been so many magic nights since then. The magic is given by the extraordinary blend of the story that breathes in Campo and the quality music that is being heard lying on a meadow, watching the falling stars.
Over the years, the small stage of Campo has followed important concerts that attracted many spectators. There were the tribute to Battisti, De Andrè and the Beatles, and important names of light music such as Andrea Mingardi, Antonella Ruggiero, singer Tosca, Sarah Jane Morris, Eugenio Finardi.
Venerdi 9th August FABIO CONCATO
Saturday 10th August Fabrizio Bosso e Mauro Ottolini "Storyville Story"
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