3 Coste Trail
Event details Sport - Great events On 29 June 2019
Santo Stefano di Cadore Ask for info
Fourth edition of the 3 Coste Trail, a trail running promotional race through a highly suggestive route, immersed in nature among the Dolomites recognized by UNESCO as a "natural heritage of humanity" Event open to all for all ages, runners, marathon runners, hikers, nature lovers, families.
The itinerary crosses the inhabited areas of three hamlets of Val Comelico: Costalissoio, Costa and Costalta (3 coasts), 3 different municipalities S.Stefano di Cadore, San Nicolò di Comelico and San Pietro di Cadore.
Breathtaking views in pristine natural environments will accompany the athletes on this day of celebration. A wide-ranging event that aims to combine sports with the enhancement of the territorial heritage and local traditions
The races will be as follows:
- 20 km race open to all registered and non-registered athletes but in possession of a medical certificate that neither certifies their suitability;
- 6 km motor fun race open to all;
This year, on a 6 km course, the CaniCross will be an experimental and demonstrative course in which a team consisting of a conductor and a dog will have to compete for up to 20 participants.
Info and registration: www.dolomitiming.it

Source: Iat Comelico Superiore