Michael Nyman
Event details Music and concerts On 30 May 2019
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Special concert by the great composer and pianist, author of some of the most memorable soundtracks in the history of cinema, including "Piano Lessons". Accompanied by a 12-piece orchestra composed of strings and horns and with the contralto, Hilary Summers retraces on the piano some of the most wonderful pages of her music, from the soundtrack to "The Mysteries of the Garden of Compton House", the most famous of those for Peter Greenaway's films, his last masterpiece, "War Work - 8 songs with film", in which the projections merge into a harmonious whole with the sounds.
Among the greatest contemporary composers, Michael Nyman is the author of an airy, poignant and visionary music that combines vibrant progressions of arched hypnotic melodies and experimental sounds with ancient references. His sounds are born "from a very personal musical anxiety" and manage to combine folk, electronic, sacred and classical music in a unique mixture of exciting "power, instinct, pain, passion".

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