Charlie Chaplin - Il Monello
Event details Dance and theatre On 29 March 2019
Verona Website Ask for info (0039) 045 6930001
Three events at the Teatro Ristori with "Playing Chaplin".
On Friday 8th and Saturday 9th March the cine-concert will include the screening of the film with the complete live performance of the original soundtrack.
To perform, I Virtuosi Italiani, directed by Timothy Brock.
The event, organized by the Teatro Ristori, is in collaboration with the Arena di Verona Foundation.
It could be called a cinematic concert, in which music and images in perfect symbiosis give life to a new artistic genre. Very often we take for granted the soundtracks of the films, and yet we do not realize that they play an important part in film productions, provoking contrasting emotions depending on the scenes shot.

Source: IAT Verona