PGI Radicchio di Verona

 PGI Radicchio di Verona

After the Treviso (the regional granddaddy of all PGI radicchios), the Castelfranco Variegated, and the Chioggia, the Radicchio di Verona joins the exclusive Protected Geographical Indication club.

Elongated and oval-shaped, with compact, intense dark red leaves decorated with a very developed white midrib, the Radicchio di Verona PGI comes in the "early" and "late" varieties. Its production area extends through the low Veneto belt, consisting of alluvial and sandy soil rich in organic matter that is deep, well drained, fresh, and extremely fertile, enjoying very hot and muggy summers and cold and foggy winters with a high annual temperature range.

Repeatedly labeled as the 'red gold of the Lowlands", the radicchio di Verona is crisp, slightly bitter, rich in vitamins A and B, minerals, and purifying properties. It is easily found on the market and its organoleptic features make for wide-ranging uses, from appetizers to desserts, both when raw and cooked.

You just have to taste it, at home or in Veronese restaurants or by taking advantage of the important fairs of Casaleone and Roveredo di Guà, Veronese locations where this delicious vegetable has been cultivated for centuries.