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Sigurtà garden park

After a long winter the gates of what has been dubbed Europe's Second Most Beautiful Park will open for a new year: On Friday 8th March Sigurtà Garden Park will start its new year by celebrating International Women's Day. It is customary for the Park to dedicate its first days to women : on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th March 2019, all female visitors will be able to enter the Park free of charge; an initiative that has over the years always enjoyed great success, attracting thousands of women visitors.

Sunday 10th March will be the first Sunday of the 2019 season and to celebrate the new start visitors to Sigurtà Garden Park can take a free guided tour and learn about the secrets of the centuries of history and the unique features of the Gardens. On purchasing an entry ticket, nature lovers can take a guided tour on foot around the Park's point of interest in the setting of its 600,000 square meters.


The extraordinary flower displays, that follow one upon another as the seasons unfold at the  Sigurtà Garden Park, are not-to-be-missed encounters with their scents and colour:

- it all starts in the last days of winter when hundreds of crocuses appear, in their blues, whites, yellows, lilacs and violets;

- in March, there is Tulipanomania and the flowering of over a million tulips, together with hyacinths, muscari and narcissus adding great colour to the Park's lawns for more than 60 days; which is the most important flowering in Italy, and the second in all of Europe.

- at the end of April thousands of Irises of orange, yellow and purple can be seen in the Avenue of the Fountains and along the Panoramic walk, which offers breath-taking views of the River Mincio Valley;

May is the month of the rose par excellence, as the Avenue of the Roses begins its display of 30,000 well-established bushes whose two varieties of Queen Elizabeth and Hybrid Polyanthus & Floribunda, will continue flowering through to September;

- not to forget the annuals, which flower from May to October, along the Flowerbed Avenue and in other points in the Park: 30 varies of Dalias and hundreds of begonias, canna indicas, impatiens, sunpatiens, coleus, zinnias and marigolds.

- the stars of the summer are the hemerocallis, the sunflowers and the hundreds of water lilies, the local daytime, and the tropicals that may be day or night, with petals that range from pale pink to deep red, from red to cyclamen, together with the white and yellow.

- the asters or "settembrini" create a magical contrast at the end summer with the green of the Great Lawn, the Park's largest open space, with tones that range from blue to purple.


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