PGI Lusia salad

PGI Lusia salad

In around 1960 the traders from the Lusia area (in the municipality of Rovigo), thanks to trade with the fruit and vegetable market of Verona, discovered the lettuce "Lattuga Gentile" and encouraged its introduction into local fruit and vegetable farms. 

As a result of the good soil and climate, they achieved optimum quality and quantity prompting the producers to start a selection to single out the varieties that offered the best in the organoleptic characteristics of this lettuce. 

The production area of the IGP Lusia salad covers all areas in the municipalities of the Rovigo province: Lusia, Badia Polesine, Lendinara, Costa di Rovigo, Fratta Polesine, Villanova del Ghebbo, and Rovigo. It is also grown in the Padua province in the municipalities of Barbona, Vescovana and Sant'Urbano.

The stem is short, up to 6 cm, very fleshy, bearing leaves inserted in number, shape, size and colour depending on the climate; the taste is fresh and crisp.

This product is characterized by its softness, due to the absence of fibres and retaining turgidity' even up to 10-12 hours after picking, and the absence of woody characteristics.