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PDO Piave Cheese

PDO Piave Cheese

The earliest productions codified with the name “Piave” date back to 1960, an era in which Piave cheese was produced in limited quantities and known only in the area of origin. Thanks to its growing success among consumers, the quantity produced has grown to a current production of 350 thousand wheels a year. The fame of this local cheese has travelled beyond the boundaries of Belluno, first to the rest of Veneto and then on to vast areas of northern and central Italy as well as abroad, in particular the United States and Canada.

There are three types of the Piave PDO, which differ in the maturing process: the "Fresco" lasts from 20 to 60 days, the "Mezzano" from 61 to 120 days and the "Vecchio" more than 180 days . 

In the Belluno mountain cuisine, Piave cheese is, today as in the past, the expression of a tradition made of taste and authenticity. It is eaten as a table cheese or as the main ingredients for traditional recipes such as the formai frit, i.e. fried cheese served with polenta and sauerkraut. 

For the taste and characteristics of the dough to ten/twelve months' maturing is required.  Piave is also popular as a grating cheese, to enrich the taste of national dishes.