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PDO Scardovari mussel

PDO Scardovari mussel

Thanks to the extraordinary quality of the Scardovari musselit is the first Italian shellfish to attain the European recognition of Protected Designation of Origin.  This is by no means a coincidence, given that these very special characteristics are obtained thanks to the environment of the Po Delta, the largest wetlands in Italy.  

It is in Porto Tolle that since the 1960s this mussel has been farmed with excellent results, especially in the Sacca di Scardovari, an inlet located in the Southern part of the Delta, where freshwater currents meet the sea water.  In the floating plants, that use suspended farming systems, the mussels, known locally as “peoci” form dense columns that are many metres deep.

The management of nurseries and the technical harvesting and treatment specifications guarantee the special organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of these products. In the kitchen it is very much appreciated as a condiment "alla marinara" or in fish soups, but is also often prepared au gratin in the oven and at times consumed raw.  The ideal time to eat mussels is from April to September and they can be purchased at fish markets throughout the Polesana area.