PDO White Polesano Garlic

PDO White Polesano Garlic

A widely used and valuable vegetable in the kitchen, for its numerous characteristics: antibacterial, antiseptic, mucolytic, hypertensive and as a regulator for the heart. You can really say that garlic is a cure for everything.

In Polesine (Rovigo province) garlic is grown on a large scale and boasts traditional production and processing methods before it is sold.  Historically, the presence of garlic originates from the XVI century.  The main square in Rovigo was also a reference point for the sale of Polesano garlic, as reported in the Historical Archives of the Chamber of Commerce of Rovigo.

The fact that the cultivation of garlic is rooted over time in Polesine territory shows how the soil and climate factor has been  a fundamental element in the success of this horticultural product. The White Polesano Garlic is a plant with a uniform shiny white in colour, with no streaks of another colour, and regular and compact form, slightly flattened at the root.  The leaves are narrow and lance shaped and green/blue in colour.


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