Bagnoli Friularo D.O.C.G.

Bagnoli Friularo D.O.C.G.

The Bagnoli Friularo is a wine masterpiece from the province of Padua.

The production area of DOCG includes the municipalities of Agna, Arre, Bagnoli di Sopra, Battaglia Terme, Bovolenta, Candiana, Due Carrare, Cartura, Conselve, Monselice, Pernumia, San Pietro Viminario, Terrassa and Tribano, all in the province of Padua.

It is a very varied and complex region from the point of view of the morphology and composition of the ground: from the areas of the Euganean hills and the flat and marshy areas of the Adige, the vines are cultivated on ground that is extremely rich in minerals and microelements, with high percentages of silt and organic substances.

The Bagnoli Friularo DOCG wines are distinguished for their rich organoleptic characteristics.

They are ruby in colour at first and become more garnet-coloured with age. The flavours have an intense aroma and are full, dry and smooth to the palate. In accordance with the current production conditions regulations, at least 90% of production is obtained from the Raboso Piave grape in combination with other red berry vines. The cultivation is restricted to the province of Padua.