Asolo Hills Prosecco DOCG

Asolo Hills Prosecco DOCG

The recently drafted production conditions regulation formalised the traditional cultivation already in use and the varieties of spumante and frizzante vinification and therefore only the well exposed vineyards planted on hilly ground or in the foothills are considered worthy of the label. Consequently, the vineyards at the feet of the valley and those exposed to the north wind are excluded.

The only form of cultivation permitted is single espalier with a minimum number of 3,000 vine stocks per hectare, without forcing cultivation. Also in this case, as with the other DOCG wines, the maximum yield allowed is 12 tonnes of grape per hectare, with a natural alcohol by volume level of 9.50% vol.

At least 85% of Prosecco should be obtained from the Glera grape, and the regulation therefore also protects the traditional practice of adding wines obtained from Pinot bianco, Pinot nero, Pinot grigio and Chardonnay from the vines of the same DOCG area and those recorded in the relevant registers.

The result is a quality wine known all over the world: a classic straw yellow colour, more or less bursting and sparkling with continuous bubbles in the spumante, a characteristic fruity aroma and a taste ranging from very dry to medium sweet, full-bodied, rounded and characteristic.