Day of the Redeemer (Redentore) The most anticipated event in Venice: fireworks, decorative boats and lots of fun
Event details Great events - Other events On 20 July 2019
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It is '"the most famous of nights", one of those events that you simply cannot miss. It is the Day of the Redeemer (Redentore), and this year it is celebrated on July 20th.

It is a tradition that has been repeated for more than 400 years as a day of commemoration and thanksgiving for the end of the terrible plague that decimated the population of Venice.

The highlight as always is the fireworks display in St. Mark's Basin, where thousands of vessels start to gather early in the afternoon.

But the Redentore has the power to animate the entire town of Venice, beginning early in the morning when the narrow streets (called "calli"), larger squares (called "campi") and small squares ("campielli") are aflutter with activity.

It all starts by preparing delicacies and traditional Venetian dishes then moves on to decorating boats with lanterns, flowers and festoons.

Towards midnight the many glimmering colours of fireworks light up the darkness of the night and everyone will be looking skyward for a good half hour.

Three bursts mark the end of the fireworks but not the party, which continues on nearby Lido beach. Tradition demands that the excitement of the fireworks be followed by a romantic sunrise.

Source: Redazione