Palladio's stone route

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Discover the world that surrounds the brilliant architectures of the Paduan artist: from the quarries, to the stonemasons and the surrounding landscape.

Andrea Palladio is the great architect who radically modified the architectural layout of Vicenza and bestowed upon the Veneto region true works of art, including monuments and villas, many of which are on the list of the list of UNESCO Heritage of Humanity. An unusual tour is dedicated to Palladio in the Vicenza hinterland, it is titled ‘Palladio's stone route', and accompanies tourists to quarries, workshops and museums.

Today in the Vicenza area there are still three mining areas - Berica, Valchiampo, and the Asiago plateau for marble -, and a lot of stoneworking companies and workshops. Used as the raw material for the realization of several works of architectural decoration, Berica stone includes the stones of the so-called " Nanto stone group" and of the "Vicenza stone group".

The itinerary includes stops at the Stone-cutter Museum in Pove del Grappa, the abandoned and repurposed quarries of Rubbio and Costozza di Longare, and a lovely panoramic walk along the Stone-cutter path of Costalunga. And don't miss a visit to some of the most beautiful Palladian villas, such as Villa Capra Valmarana, best known as "La Rotonda", Villa Caldogno and Villa Godi Malinverni.

The 'Palladio Stone Road' includes a visit to the stone quarries, to the stonework companies and ends with a visit to some of the most famous villas of Andrea Palladio.