Photo Exhibition of Giovanni Simeone
Event details Exhibitions From 10 February 2019 To 31 March 2019 (only Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday)
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Giovanni Simeone is a professional photographer since 1989, specialized in reportage and landscape, he has collaborated with all the most 'big newspapers in the world with publications in magazines such as National Geographic Traveler, Le Figaro, Geo, Times, Guardian, Geo Saison, Stern, Outside Magazine. He traveled for 25 years on all continents and then stopped and rethought his profession. Founder of the photo agency in 1994 and of the publishing house in 2009. He skis in Arabba since 1971.
The reason for a photographic exhibition, titol: FODOM - Arabba Dolomites

"February 10th 2018 was a very special day. After 48 hours of uninterrupted snowfall, the high pressure coming from west has freed the sky already in the night and a sudden drop in temperatures has crystallized the snow on the trees. For years I have been waiting for this day, this combination of natural elements: snow quality, temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. Matching all the elements that mountain photography requires: a mixture of experience, patience and, of course, a little luck. But that was finally the perfect day! I know these mountains very well, because a photographer does not look, but literally "scans" the landscape. He sees how the rock lights up every month differently depending on the position of the sun, he knows the quality of the snow because every time it snows he sees how the mountains shape and knows where it is possible to venture and where it is dangerous, depending of the thickness of the snowpack. A photographer knows the trees, not as a botanist, but as aesthetic elements that embellish the landscape.A photographer knows which roads are passable and which are not, he knows the slopes he can ski on and the off-piste gullies to get the best views . A photographer often observes and approaches nature in a simple way, looking for beauty without superstructures. And beauty is one of the historical foundations of the conservation of the natural environment. February 10th 2018 was a special day, in which everything coincided perfectly."

Source: IAT Arabba