Virgilio Milani e l'arte del '900 in Polesine
Event details Exhibitions From 25 March 2023 To 25 June 2023 Rovigo Website Ask for info +390425460093
At Palazzo Roncale in Rovigo, from 25 March to 25 June 2023, the appointment with the exhibition Virgilio Milani and '900 Art in Polesine, which recounts, through the figure of Virgilio Milani from Rovigo, the artistic developments of a century of intense changes.

The Rovigo sculptor Virgilio Milani (1888-1977) is the protagonist of the exhibition in Palazzo Roncale: his figure acts as a common thread in the exploration of the art of the "short century" in Polesine, together with other illustrious names such as Mario Cavaglieri, Leone Minassian, Edoardo Chendi, up to Paolo Gioli, who is considered Milani's "heir".

The exhibition "Virgilio Milani and the 20th century art in Polesine" tells the story of Milani's activity in his city, Rovigo, through the evolution of the many public works scattered throughout the city and private works, often depicting figures and portraits in bronze or terracotta. Milani's style dates back to the Italian sculptural tradition, from the Renaissance Donatello and Laurana, but also to the artist's attention to Italian and European artistic developments throughout the 20th century.
The public works of Virgilio Milani will also enter the Palazzo through the photographic restitution of Fabio Zonta, already the author of the shots of the works of Antonio Canova who have become famous all over the world.

The exhibition, with free admission, is promoted by the Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo Foundation, was born from an idea by Sergio Campagnolo, and is curated by Alessia Vedova.