THE BASSANO STORY OF A FAMILY OF PAINTERS Exhibition at the Civic Museums of Bassano del Grappa
Event details Exhibitions - Great events From 3 December 2022 To 8 October 2023 Bassano del Grappa Website Ask for info (0039) 0424 519901

This is an unprecedented "story show" that traces the events of the Bassano dynasty, undisputed protagonists of the painting ouput of the Venetian Renaissance. 

Over 40 works will illustrate the stages that marked the enormous fortune of the Dalpontian workshop, masterpieces belonging to the Civic Museums of Bassano and narrated by the suggestive words of writer Melania Mazzucco which accompany the visitor along the exhibition path. The visual dimension of the works is accompanied by the strength of the narrative dimension: two levels that interpenetrate and complement each other, making the exhibition a unique event to discover (in an unprecedented way) the lives of the family of painters who made the city of Bassano del Grappa famous in the world.

In addition to the Dal Ponte paintings, valuable artefacts and books will be exhibited, such as the workshop's Book of Accounts, the alchemical exercise book by Francesco il Vecchio, a sixteenth-century herbarium that interrelates with the plants painted by Jacopo in the Flight into Egypt and the precious Astylar Cross by Filarete, a masterpiece of sacred art in goldwork of the fifteenth century.

Source: IAT Bassano