LOST HANGAR, DINOSAURS REVEALED Padua exhibits more than 100 paleontological finds from all over the world
Event details Exhibitions From 8 December 2022 To 4 June 2023 (only Saturday, Sunday) Padova Website +39 049 840111

An event that ranks among the richest and most complex exhibition and virtual reality experiences of recent years. Direct contact with the physicality of dinosaurs (thanks also to ramps which allow visitors to literally look at the world from their point of view) represents the simplest and most immediate way to explore the characteristics of these ancient creatures of our planet.

The exhibition will cover all periods from Triassic to Jurassic to Cretaceous, with the latter being the most commonly featured and the one that forms the backdrop to the feathered revolution whose direct descendants we still see today. The epilogue begins with an analysis of the most accredited hypotheses on the mass extinction of dinosaurs, including the most accepted theory of an asteroid collision. This marks the transition from the Mesozoic era, the age of dinosaurs, to the Cenozoic era, the age of mammals, in order to stimulate very topical reflections in visitors on the possible risks of extinction of the human race.

Source: Iat Padova