Glass and Opera Itinerant group exhibition proposed to celebrate the International Year of Glass.
Event details Exhibitions From 1 July 2022 To 27 November 2022 Venezia Website Ask for info +39 041 2759325

With this exhibition, the Fondazione Musei Civici of Venice set out to highlight the pairing of Glass and Opera, to focus on the relationship between two profoundly Italian art forms closely linked to Venice.

The lagoon city is in fact famous for the art of blown glass, universally associated with the island of Murano, but it is also the home of the opera house, with the very first introduced here in 1637 when San Cassiano opened its doors.

The breath of the singer and the breath of the master glassmaker both contain the same energy that produces art and beauty. The exhibiting artists have created works related to the world of opera, paying particular attention to some essential requirements: a common inspirational theme of the work, the presence of a portion of glass material within the artifact, and the impressive dimensions.

The artists, united by their interest in Melodrama, belong to various fields of art: from painting to sculpture, from the world of design to photography, and more.

The works have been created using various glass techniques, and express concepts inspired by opera in all shapes and forms, reaching beyond the mere aesthetic aspect to carve a deep semantic symbiosis between the two arts, to the point where a synaesthesia is created between them.

After Venice, the exhibition will be presented in Milan, Naples, Madrid-Alcorcón and Segovia.

Source: Regione del Veneto