Dar voce al fregio
Event details Exhibitions From 10 June 2022 To 30 September 2022 (only Friday, Saturday, Sunday) Castelfranco Veneto Website Ask for info (0039) 0423735626
The Giorgione Museum gives a new voice and life to the majestic fresco preserved in this place, by the hand of the Renaissance painter Giorgione.

New discoveries, new ideas and ways to enjoy this artistic marvel. Give voice to the frieze is a series of events to increase the knowledge and knowledge of this historical and unique masterpiece. Unique fresco, still well preserved by our castellan artist. The first event connected with the month of June is the projection of that detached and missing part of the fresco.

With a high-level technological projection and new scientific discoveries it will be possible to admire what was in the void and thus be able to understand the entire history and message of the Frieze of the liberal and mechanical arts. The "missing head" is the first point of interest.

The other two meetings will be dedicated to the presentation of a new text dedicated to Giorgione's enigma and his work left in Castelfranco Veneto and will continue with "enigma su pietra" which will increase the beauty of the museum and the curiosity of visitors.

Source: Iat Castelfranco Veneto