Venice Carnival One of the most well-known events in the world
Event details Great events From 16 February 2019 To 5 March 2019
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“Living out” the Venice Carnival will mean plunging into the party by definition. The city offers a

rich carnet of performances, shows and events linked also to food and wine and its excellent produce. The literary theatrical and musical tradition, both national and global, offers many ideas which will inspire the artistic and scenographic choices that change every year.

Traditional events:

  • 17 February Venetian Festival on the Water - second part with a procession on water along
  • the Grand Canal up to Cannaregio
  • 23 February Opening of Piazza San Marco and Festa delle Marie
  • 24 February in Piazza San Marco Volo dell’Angelo (Flight of the Angel)
  • 2 March parade by the Marghera floats
  • 3 March the Volo dell’Aquila (Flight of the eagle) in Piazza San Marco and the Volo dell’Asino (Flight of the donkey) in Piazza Ferretto (Mestre)
  • 5 March proclamation of Maria dell'Anno and Svolo del Leon in Piazza San Marco

From 23 to 24 February and from 28 February to 5 March the Mestre Carnival Street Show will take place : events and initiatives in Piazza Ferretto and along the streets of the historical town centre of Mestre.

The Most Beautiful Mask” contest continues from 23 February to 5 March.

The official channels to know the full programme are the internet site and the social channels Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Source: Redazione