Canova Gloria Trevigiana From classic beauty to a Romantic precursor.
Event details Exhibitions From 14 May 2022 To 2 October 2022 (only Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday) Treviso Website Ask for info +390422658951
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Treviso is linked to the genius of Antonio Canova: it is here, in fact, that the legend and rediscovery of his genius originate.

To mark this special relationship, the exhibition Canova, Gloria Trevigiana, is being staged in the renovated Luigi Bailo headquarters of the Civic Museums of Treviso.

From classic beauty to a Romantic precursor, open from 14 May to 25 September 2022. The exhibition presents Canova and the beauty of ancient times, as well as Canova in the role of an extraordinary contemporary precursor of the Romantic movement.

The exhibition recreates the environment planned by Canova in Palazzo Papafava, where the Ancient/Modern comparison praks: Apollo del Belvedere in comparison with the triumphant Perseus, for example, or the Borghese Gladiator set up against the Creugante.

For the first time, the works are exhibited on their original bases, restored for the occasion. From comparison with the past, we then move on to the theme of feelings: here it is the romantic modernity that dominates. It is in this section that the preparatory chalk sketch of Love and Psyche stands out.

A journey of over 150 works in 11 sections, which ends in the Gallery of the Nineteenth Century, the new section of the museum entirely reserved to nineteenth century works, which guides visitors through a discovery of art in Treviso and Veneto starting from the sculptor’s early years of work before unfolding throughout the century.

Source: Iat Treviso