Ligabue - Another world Exhibition of paintings, drawings and sculptures.
Event details Exhibitions - Great events From 28 May 2022 To 30 October 2022 Asiago Website Ask for info (0039)0424600255

The exhibition, curated by Marzio Dall 'Acqua and Vittorio Sgarbi, organised by Augusto Agosta Tota and promoted by the Municipality of Asiago in collaboration with the Antonio Ligabue Archive Foundation of Parma, with the sponsorship of the Veneto Region and the Province of Vicenza and Unione Montana, sets out to present the work of Antonio Ligabue, one of the leading protagonists of Italian art of the twentieth century, exhibiting over 70 works including paintings, drawings and sculptures.

The exhibition introduces the art of this visionary genius, constantly in evolution, his impassioned work that he knew how to invent and renew by using fierce colours which are, however, harmonious in their insistent emotional splendour, proposing a popular and refined iconography.

It offers an excursus within the three canonical periods of his artistic production: from the domestic pets of the early years, to the tigers with wide open jaws, monstrous lions, snakes and birds of prey, which grasp their victims or fight for survival.
The nature painted by Ligabue acts as a stage displaying relentless violence.

There are also some self-portraits, in which Ligabue paints his own existential pain, shouting it out with the urgency of intense and feral sensitivity; it is the torment of a soul that finds its own voice and redemption within painting.

Source: Iat Asiago