Giro del Lago di Alleghe
Event details Sport - Family and children On 14 August 2022 Lago di Alleghe Website Ask for info (0039) 0437523333
Non-competitive 5-kilometre walk in the company of others.

Open to all, every year about a thousand guests take part in the race at the start in Masarè. The runners range from families with small children in prams to those who register their four-legged friends with a number. The route of the race, which takes place at nightfall, is made very suggestive by the torches that illuminate the route along the banks of the lake and the path that runs along the Cordevole torrent as far as the new pedestrian bridge.

The magic of the illuminated route and the large number of participants make this event, now in its 41st edition, one of the most enjoyable moments of the summer in Allegheny.

On arrival, the competitors are welcomed by the Alpine soldiers in the Masarè marquee, set up for the occasion, where the prize-giving ceremony takes place amidst music, typical food and lots of fun.

The start is given with a cannon shot at 9.00 p.m. and the long snake winds its way from the mouth towards the Cordevole torrent along the cycle/pedestrian path that runs along its right bank.

Entries can be received on the previous days at the gazebo in Piazza Kennedy and in the starting area.

The excellent and well-tested organisation of the Alpine troops ensures the success of the event, which always attracts great consensus among participants and spectators. Translated with (free version)

Source: Iat Alleghe