Visit the Walls! A series of guided tours of the city walls of Padua.
Event details Guided tours and excursions From 6 February 2022 To 18 December 2022 (only Sunday) Padova Website Ask for info (0039)348 25 85 005
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An 11 km route, twenty ramparts, six doors, bridges, casemates, tunnels, a fortress that does not exist... and 500 years of history: the sixteenth-century Venetian walls represent the "largest" monument in the city of Padua, an urban heritage that is often not very noticeable but deserves to be explored.

3 km of walls that appear and disappear, two tower gates, two hidden doors, a palace, a ferryboat, a castle...: the medieval walls protected the centre of the city. Forgotten and replaced by subsequent fortifications, they are a sign of Padua's history that can still be discovered and retraced.

Every Sunday for three hours, the "Comitato Mura di Padova Association” takes you along, above, below and inside the city walls, to discover its past, in ten stages of a continuous series! Each stage includes a walk along a stretch of walls and entrance to the inside area of gateways and bastions that are accessible from time to time (even if not normally open to the public) when permitted by the restoration and activities in progress.

Source: Iat Padova