Forest of Folignani

Foto di Rifugio Bocca di Selva
Route details Recommended period Spring, Summer, Autumn Phone+39 328 3062725
Lessinia Regional Natural Park: this is a true paradise also for lovers of paleontology and archaeology. Of karst origin, the mountains offer fascinating phenomena such as sinkholes, caves and natural bridges carved into the rock, with the most famous being that of Veja 

To the north of Verona there is a little-known region, as fascinating as it is mysterious, where tales of fairies, witches and other evil beings still linger today. This is Lessinia, an area of western Veneto where holidays offer an exploration of nature, history and traditions.

Ideal for all seasons, this itinerary leading to the Forest of Folignani starts from the Bocca di Selva refuge (1,550 metres) and first reaches the alpine huts of Folignano di Sotto and Folignano di Fondo, characteristic buildings with thick walls and rooves covered with slabs of local limestone. Having crossed the alpine pastures, you enter the thick vegetation of the Folignano Forest, descending to the Vajo dell 'Anguilla and then passing through the districts of Masse, Maselli and Scandole. From here, the ascent to Malga Masetto begins, among spectacular views, meadows and sun-warmed pastures, before leading back to the original starting point.


Technical data:
Length: 15.2 kilometres
Duration: approx. 5 hours
Level of difficulty: medium
Elevation gain (uphill): 531m
Elevation loss (downhill): 531 m.

Ideal for birdwatching  With its incredible examples of beech, white fir and black hornbeam trees, the Folignani Forest is one of the largest forests in Lessinia. This area is a Site of Community Interest and also an SPA (a ‘special protection area’), which protects the species of birds that nest here, including: the hazel grouse, the black woodpecker, the boreal owl and the northern goshawk