A riveder le stelle Contemporary art exhibition.
Event details Exhibitions From 30 October 2021 To 31 January 2022
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"A riveder le stelle" is a contemporary art exhibitionby Barbara Codogno to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri organised by the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Padua from 30 October 2021 to 31 January 2022 in the temporary exhibition halls of the Eremitan Museum, in collaboration with the "The Bank Contemporary Art Collection".

“The relationship between Giotto and Dante is undoubtedly a controversial one and it is highly improbably that they indeed ever met – explains the Councillor for Culture Andrea Colasio - No less controversial is the relationship between Padua and Dante which, on the other hand, the poet did visit, depicting the city in the Divine Comedy as a place of evil, and placing two of its citizens among the damned in Canto XVII of the Inferno: the first of these is Reginaldo Scrovegni who Dante condemns as an usurer while the second is Vitaliano del Dente, who Dante makes Scrovegni predict will also be condemned to hell.

Dante's barbs at Padua involve another important protagonist of the era, Pietro D’Abano, who did not advocate free will and had certainly collaborated with Giotto in the frescoes of Palazzo della Ragione."

“The exhibition will create – says Colasio - an evocative dialogue between Dante's Divine Comedy and Giotto’s pictorial cycle in the nearby Scrovegni Chapel, an absolute masterpiece of Giotto’s most complete cycle of frescoes, that was recently inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List".

Source: Iat Padova