Heroes’ woods

Route details Recommended period Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter Phone

Hiking shoes and mountain clothing are recommended. In winter snowshoes should be used along this route.

Nature, art and history and the theme of the Great War: this is the tour of Heroes’ Woods in Seren del Grappa, Belluno province. The immense tragedy of the Great War is represented here in a perspective of peace in memory of all those men who died on the battlefield and who were not only soldiers but first and foremost children, fathers, brothers, friends, Heroes who preferred to be killed rather than kill. 

This easy walk follows the paths of war, between the Italian and Austro-Hungarian trenches, passing through places where thousands of soldiers died and were buried. The tour indeed passes through the mountains that became so tragically famous during the First World War: Mount Grappa, Pertica, Mount Prassolan and Col dell'Orso

Along the way, completely immersed in nature, hikers encounter sculptures by local artists that evoke conflicting feelings such as the violence of war and the beauty of peace. Local plants with red flowers and berries planted in “botanical beds” are in some way a reminder of the blood that washed this land.

The two 5 and 10 km ring routes start from Bocchette Refuge in Seren del Grappa. The elevation gain is about 400 meters.