Event details Exhibitions From 4 September 2021 To 1 November 2021
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Osservatorio Mobile del Nord Est organises the second edition of its international, about photography and discovery of the contemporary landscape.

From Saturday the 4th of September to Monday the 1st of November, the magnificent Villa Parco Bolasco and Spazio HEA (location nearby the Villa) host a rich programme of exhibitions, conferences and workshops. Theme of the festival is the landscape, seen as Beauty and Nature: famous photographers and young authors realised amazing works which are presented during the festival.

Guido Guidi, Mark Steinmetz, Gerry Johansson, Irina Rozovsky are only some of the photographers at the exhibition and at the conferences.

Beauty is the exhibition born after the artist residency in Castelfranco between 2018 and 2019. It is composed of eight exhibitions housed in special locations of the Villa Parco Bolaco, with site-specific installations. Natura is the exclusive exhibition by Mark Steinmetz and Irina Rozovsky: a dialogue among the two artists' pictures and the astonishing halls of Villa Parco Bolasco.

Source: Iat Castelfranco Veneto