Venetia 1600. Birth and renaissance The events of the Serenissima during times of regeneration and renovation.
Event details Exhibitions From 4 September 2021 To 25 March 2022
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The events of the Serenissima were marked by countless moments of crisis and hostilities, and many stages of regeneration and renovation.

The history of Venice is disseminated with many times of birth and renaissance, concrete examples of how the city has always had the ability to face the challenges of changing times. Venice’s past is therefore a valuable lesson of how to interpret the present while reflecting on a possible, optimistic future of the city.

This exhibition offers a novel interpretation of the history of the Serenissima that it identifies in the concept of birth and renaissance. In order to illustrate the most important moments of history and the identity of Venice, works by the greatest artists, architects and men of letters who worked in Venice over almost a millennium will be on show at the exhibition.

The focus is above all on some of the most representative monuments of the city, such as the church of San Giacomo di Rialto, the Basilica of San Marco, Rialto Bridge, the Fondaco dei Tedeschi, the Doge's Palace, the churches of the Redeemer and Santa Maria della Salute, the Grand Theatre la Fenice and the Bell Tower of San Marco, including the most important museum and cultural institutions of contemporary Venice.


Source: Iat Venezia