Festival della Bellezza - Vittorio Sgarbi
Event details Dance and theatre On 14 September 2021
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Labyrinthtic synesthesia. Art paints in verse, poetry rhymes in musical images.

Inventive age of new languages, syllabic shades of colour, unheard of representations of being in the making. In the sifting of the damned and blessed, the wicked who atones shines forth in pious inspiration. Everything is created and nothing is destroyed; holds the field the cry of new expressive canons.

The art critic, art historian, essayist and politician Vittorio Sgarbi talks about the world of Dante through art and poetry, in its many facets.

The Festival of Beauty is organized every year, by the Cultural Association IDEM – paths of relationship, reality that promotes reflections on our identities in the making, on the cultural and artistic creations that outline the horizons of meaning of existence; offers opportunities to meet and discuss, especially among young people, shows and publications, with curiosity and pleasure of research and beauty.

Source: Iat Verona